Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to school

Today is the last day of the summer holidays. I've spent the last two weeks preparing my new classroom, in my new school for my brand new receptions. Like most school teachers I'm not feeling much joy today. By noon today I'd scrubbed my house, made our lunches, laid out my new school clothes and was placing my school books in my bag, read to be placed on my new desk tomorrow morning. 


The Stirling Hotel, one of my favourite Adelaide hill's pubs.

 To help ease my severe case of School Teacher Sunday Blues Mr PE and I decided to head to the Adelaide hills for a bakery fix. There is nothing that savory pastry and sugar can't fix.  Or so I thought.  

We ate our lunch opposite the library
but sat on the grass.
A good compromise between a PE teacher and a Junior Primary teacher.
In line with a normal teacher's workday, the most carefully thought out plans can easily go pear-shaped. There is no way of guaranteeing you'll know what the day will hold for you.  Both towns  in our Adelaide hills adventure close their bakeries on a Sunday. Aldgate's Bakery was closed as was our next stop back down the hill, Stirling. I won't begrudge any retail worker a day off. Especially if it brings me closer to my all time favourite "junk food": a hotdog.  My eventual lunch may not have been what I'd set out to initially eat but I think it was a valuable lesson for me at the start of the 2012 school year. No matter 
what those 20 little people bring to my classroom tomorrow morning we'll somehow muddle through it. 48 days until the Easter school holidays!

Thank heck it was open 7 seven days...