Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 and Counting

Tomorrow is The Sister's birthday.

I've brought her this card

.....and giving her this dvd

.....and this make up brush which will hopefully be perfect for eyeshadow eyeliner applications

Here is a sneak peek at her birthday cake from this scrumptious bakery in Stepney

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will Sugar Help Beat the Heat?

Seeing as the heat is not going to let up for at least another week I'm looking anywhere for a little relief. Or something to take my mind off the fact that it's so darn hot out there!

After visiting a florist to discuss wedding flowers The Sister and I decided to stop off here to drool over some delicious cupcakes. Bobbie raves about them so I thought it was high time that I sampled some.

We can home with these:

Malteser, Oreo, Raspberry and White Chocolate and Passionfruit. Delicious!

Baby It's Hot Outside

South Australia is currently in the middle of a heatwave. It is currently 44 degrees celcius. It was 43 yesterday and the forecast predicts 44 again for tomorrow.
Friday is going to be slightly cooler at 41 degrees but I'll be outside all day at this music festival. How on earth will I stay cool?
I have been hibernating the past few days. Unfortunately yesterday I had to venture out to pay the deposit for the church where we'll hold our wedding ceremony. And this afternoon I have to head out to meet with a potential florist. The air con in the car is going to get a workout!

Wordless Wednesdays

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Travels - Seattle

I love this city. For so many reasons that range from it being the birthday of Starbucks (where I discovered the joy of hot chocolate with whipped cream), the setting for one of my favourite shows Frasier, the home of the awesome Space Needle and surrounded by water.

Yes I live in a coastal city but remember, my visit to Seattle was after two years living in land logged England!

Seattle also lays claim to Grunge, the soundtrack to my teenage years.

I spent four fantastic days in Seattle and can't wait to go back there one day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Shoes


The hunt is on for some red wedding shoes.

I'm heading into the city tomorrow morning to begin my search. I can't wait!

Weekend Round Up

I'm starting my weekend from Friday afternoon seeing as I'm on a slight permanent holiday for the immediate future.

Speechie came to visit with one of her lovely older sister's and her sweet little girl. Sweet little girl just charmed my family with her ability to eat half a bag of chocolate freckles and numerous pieces of mum's delicious chocolate cake. Such a little gem! Friday night was quiet, just chilled out watching tv with the sister and looking through wedding magazines. Saturday I finally had a lazy morning which quickly turned into an afternoon of wedding planning. We went to look at a few reception venues which I loved! Still need to make a decision on that one. Saturday night was spent at a family friend's engagement party. Sunday I had a coffee catch up with a dear friend and then called round to Speechie's stunning new unit. I was so impressed with her hard work and gorgeous colour scheme. Sunday evening I had tea with That Southern Boy and his parents. Lots of wedding talk but I'm enjoying it all! Shame I didn't manage to get in any exercise.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My love for Cocktail Food can go on.

Provided there is enough food to go round I love a good cocktail party. There is nothing like being served tasty little morsels of food continuously for a few hours while you chat with friend and sip delicious wine. My idea of bliss! The only problem for a clumsy party guest such as myself is, how on earth do you hold everything?

Two hands, a wine glass, a napkin, possibly a clutch bag and cocktail food can sometimes end in near disaster for me. Look what I've found! These FingerFoods from Fred and Friends are the perfect soluation to my cocktail party clumsiness (or is it greediness?)

Will you.....?

....Marry me?

I was asked this very question by That Southern Boy just over a week ago and I said yes! It happened here on The Great Ocean Road in Victoria at London Bridge. Very appropriate given the fact that we both loved our time living in London, England.

That Southern Boy chose a ring beforehand, as well as asking my Dad for his permission (a funny response that I'll blog about later). The ring is exactly what I would have chosen, photos to follow soon but can I just say I'm utterly smitten with it!

So the last week has been filled with phone calls, emails and lots of visits to and from well-wishers. We've also managed to squeeze in some wedding planning. Having a few problems booking a reception venue as it looks like we've chosen a popular date for our wedding. More about planning later on.

Come Monday I will be starting my blogging schedule. It's going to keep me calm and focussed while I try to plan the wedding, finish uni and return to teaching.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Drive, drive, drive

Greetings from soon to be Sandy Beaches.

Off on a driving holiday with That Southern Boy on a wine and beach hunt.

We leave tomorrow. First stop will be here in the heart of the Coonawarra wine region. Looking forward to some delicious wines.

Next stop will be across the border, to the land of the Victorians to spend some time exploring this lovely beach town.

Off to pack now. Oh how I love to pack!

Friendly Fridays

Happy New Year!

I have a few resolutions for 2009:

  • stop swearing (haven't been all that successful so far)

  • stay calm

  • be positive

  • get fit

I also want to blog on a regular basis. I've set up a few guidelines to help make that possible. Things such as the themes of Tuesday Travels, Wordless Wednesdays and today's theme, Friendly Fridays.

What did you do on New Year's Eve? I was lucky enough to spend it with That Southern Boy and two of my dearly loved friends, Speechie and Miss G at this western suburbs hotel. We arrived early, found some great seats and had a lovely meal. I felt extra lucky as two other dearly loved friends, Little1 and Malibu Barbie also saw in the new year at the same hotel so I was able to spend some time catching up with them. That Southern Boy bumped into some high school friends so even he was able to celebrate the new year with some old friends.

I have spent the last three New Year's with Speechie and Miss G and we also have a great time together. I was never a big fan of New Year's Eve but these two have proven how true the saying is that 'it's not what you, it's who you do it with'.