Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Australia Day BBQ's mean many things to many people:
Alcohol (possibly too much of it)
Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown
Back to School

Cupcakes don't immediately spring to mind.

It was my plan to change all that when I was invited to a friend's Australia Day BBQ.
This friend will be marrying a butcher (my butcher in fact) shortly so there was no need to offer to bring our own meat along.
I, of course opted to take care of sweets deciding on chocolate cupcakes.
Being pressed for time I cheated slightly and used a White Wings packet mix adding in extra vanilla of course.
When it came time to decorate them there was no cheating.
Of course green buttercream was the way to go.
To add the Australian yellow/gold element into the mix I went with Allen's Banana Lollies.
You can't get much more Australian than a Banana Lolly.
Some of my fondest childhood memories involve leaving a friend's
birthday party clutching my lolly bag
that always contained a few of the little gems.

So here they are,
Chocolate (Packet Cake!) Cupcakes with
buttercream icing and banana lollies.

I've been asked to make them for next year's BBQ so they must have been good!

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Smitten Sugar said...

Yum! Love the banana lollies!