Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can't stop craving coffee

The whole point of this earlier post was to cure my coffee cravings my making a coffee cake. It worked reasonably well.
Inspite of some strong cravings and the fact that on any given work day I walk past at least six establishments where I could purchase a cup, I have been off the liquid bliss for quite a while.
As a result my sinus headaches all but disappeared.
I got over-confident last Sunday morning when I found myself at a friend's house for brunch. A friend who has a fantastic coffee machine. It would have been rude to refuse a cup.
That latte was out of this world.
Did I ever pay for it though.
A few short hours later and I started to lose my sense of smell and I knew I'd pushed it too far. Just proof that coffee really isn't for me.
So I'm back on the coffee cake wagon.
Today's coffee cake version is care of Delia Smith, the merticulousy magnificant English cook.
While my list of 'favourite' chefs/cooks/food writers
is long and varied Delia will always be number 1.
I promise you, that no harm can come to your baking
or cooking when a Delia recipe is being followed.
Here is the recipe for Delia Smith's Austrian Coffee and Walnut Cake with Coffee Cream.
The only variation I made to the recipe
was to use only mascapone in the coffee cream,
I simply doubled the amount required.


Cakelaw said...

What a fabulous looking cake! I adore your cake stand - it is so pretty.

Megan said...

That cake looks gorgeous! I love the picture of the inside... it looks laden with coffee cream. Mmm!