Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Round Up

I'm starting my weekend from Friday afternoon seeing as I'm on a slight permanent holiday for the immediate future.

Speechie came to visit with one of her lovely older sister's and her sweet little girl. Sweet little girl just charmed my family with her ability to eat half a bag of chocolate freckles and numerous pieces of mum's delicious chocolate cake. Such a little gem! Friday night was quiet, just chilled out watching tv with the sister and looking through wedding magazines. Saturday I finally had a lazy morning which quickly turned into an afternoon of wedding planning. We went to look at a few reception venues which I loved! Still need to make a decision on that one. Saturday night was spent at a family friend's engagement party. Sunday I had a coffee catch up with a dear friend and then called round to Speechie's stunning new unit. I was so impressed with her hard work and gorgeous colour scheme. Sunday evening I had tea with That Southern Boy and his parents. Lots of wedding talk but I'm enjoying it all! Shame I didn't manage to get in any exercise.

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