Saturday, January 17, 2009

Will you.....?

....Marry me?

I was asked this very question by That Southern Boy just over a week ago and I said yes! It happened here on The Great Ocean Road in Victoria at London Bridge. Very appropriate given the fact that we both loved our time living in London, England.

That Southern Boy chose a ring beforehand, as well as asking my Dad for his permission (a funny response that I'll blog about later). The ring is exactly what I would have chosen, photos to follow soon but can I just say I'm utterly smitten with it!

So the last week has been filled with phone calls, emails and lots of visits to and from well-wishers. We've also managed to squeeze in some wedding planning. Having a few problems booking a reception venue as it looks like we've chosen a popular date for our wedding. More about planning later on.

Come Monday I will be starting my blogging schedule. It's going to keep me calm and focussed while I try to plan the wedding, finish uni and return to teaching.

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