Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Food

My sister was in her good friend's wedding last week.
It was a big, crazy Italian do.
Lots of people, tons of sparkle and families crying over 'losing' their adult children.
The bridesmaids wore fabulous pink, satin bowed shoes.
And of course there was food.
Oh, was there food!

Of course antipasto started the meal off. The meats and cheeses were fresh, tasty and all too easy to devour. The salami was just salty enough, the provolone cheese perfectly mild and the bocconcini cheese just the right shade of milky. Both the ham and proscuito were so fresh that I'm sured they'd been cured that day. The olives were fleshy and the tomatoes juicy. My only gripe was 'where was my slice of rockmelon wrapped in proscuito?' These second gen Italians are obviously too cool for school.

The bride's family are from a coastal region of Italy who literally eat, sleep and breathe seafood. So there was lots of seafood at the wedding. Prawns, calamari and oysters kilpatrick. I cast my seafood phobia aside and sambled each dish. Absolutely delicious! I can sense the beginning of a new food obsession.

The next course was pasta, a home made fussili accompanied with a mouth watering cooked tomato sauce. I'm such a pasta whore that I ate the entire bowl before I realised that I'd forgotten to take a photo of it. Such a shame.

The main was a choice between chicken which sounded bland (creamy sauce, vegetables etc) and the stock standard Italian wedding meal of scotch fillet wrapped bacon. I like that the Italian wedding factory is trying to appear contemporary by offering meal choices but when in Rome do as the Romans. So I opted for the scotch fillet. It was blissful! Soft, juicy and cooked to just the right point. The scotch fillet eclipsed the bacon so much that I can't even recall injesting the bacon. The mash was fine and tastey while the jus was watery enough without being too runny.

For me the highlight of attendng a wedding is the cake. Seriously, why else do people get married? This is the once in a lifetime occasion. To spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on a massive, extravagant, fancy, sugar and cream filled cake. The cake a wedding cake. No complaints there.

The cake slice was presented in the usual manner of a swirl of raspberry coulis. This wedding cake went cutting edge and added a scope of vanilla bean ice-cream. They shouldn't have bothered as there was nothing that was going to help this slice of cake out of the bottom of the barrel. To say I was disappointed was an understandment. I'm still struggling to come to terms with how tasteless, dry and boring this cake was. Don't even get me started on the coulis or ice-cream.

My dearly loved cousin is getting married in a few months. The cake is expected to be a work of art and an event in it's own right. Here's hoping that my faith in the wedding cake will be restored.

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