Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Issues with Shoes

As I’ve been dillently saving over the last six months my shoe habit has sadly slipped by the wayside. As bad as the withdrawl symptoms initally were I was able to work through them so that I’m at this very moment I’m at the stage where I. Don’t. Want. To. Buy. Shoes.
There may be other contributing factors, such as the fact I already own 50 pairs of shoes. Or that I have no room to store anymore shoes. Or that come the 24th December I’ll no longer have a steady income. That in 2009 I’ll be returning to life as a sensibly attired teacher which means no more heels to work. There’s also the small fact that I’m still saving for a fabulous walk in wardrobe with surrounding house!
Is this the end of my obssession with shoes????

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