Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Must Take Travel Albums

My Creative is nearly 2 years old. Hurrah! It made travelling with music an absolute breeze. The battery life is pretty good and I even have photos on there so pictures of friends and family were always close by when I was far away. The only problem with my Creative is that I don’t seem to listen to full albums anymore. I’ve developed some sort of listening ADHD over the past two years. I’ll pick an album and just flip through the songs I really want to hear, sometimes I don’t even listen to full songs. Over the last six months it’s gotten even worse, I completely ignore albums and head straight for my play lists. So to refresh my love of a good album from start to finish here is my list of must take albums to wile away the time spent travelling:

New Order – Substance Disc 1

U2 – How to Build an Atomic Bomb

Madonna Mix – Home made and taken from my cousin’s great Madonna collection

Crowded House – The Best of (their music can make me cry like a baby for Australia, even though they are Kiwi’s!)

Merrick & Rosso – Choice Cuts (every Aussies needs to hear a True Blue accent when stuck on a train in the German countryside)

The Beach Soundtrack – Various artists (watching this moving when I was 19 was a big motivator in moving half way across the world)
Pearl Jam – No Code

Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose

Triple J Hottest 100’s Personal Mix - Various artists (thank you ABC Shop!)

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