Monday, February 23, 2009

Aren’t weekends meant to be relaxing?

So much for having a quiet weekend to relax, exercise and look over the wedding plans. This is what a quiet weekend consists of:

Friday afternoon/night
Found and purchases a possible bridesmaid dress while waiting passing time waiting to meet a friend.
Birthday drinks for my lovely friend Mrs Teacher’s Wife.
Quick slice of quiche for tea (which was delicious) at home.
Let The Sister try on the possible bridesmaid dress. She loved it.
Drove to That Southern Boy’s house in just under 30 minutes.

Opted for a sleep in over Spin class which I’m still feeling guilty about.
Rang up and put 4 more possible bridesmaid dresses on hold.
Afternoon drinks with That Southern Boy’s high school friends at Glenelg.
Called into my relatives to pick up an engagement present they wanted to give us. I now own a set of saucepans that weren’t inherited with a house-share or brought for 2 pounds!
Took my cousins to this hotel to watch Adelaide United win.
Started assembling our engagement invites at 10pm. Not the smartest idea.

Woke up early after a poor night’s sleep and lots of scary wedding dreams.
Straight into the city to collect the bridesmaid dresses, more engagement invite supplies, some bits and pieces to make a headband to wear at my cousin’s wedding in May and stumbled upon these shoes which may just turn out to be my wedding shoes.
Spent the entire afternoon at home finishing the engagement invites and save the dates.

It’s now nearly Monday lunch time and I’m only just waking up. Thank goodness I’ve swapped my day off so I really only have the next 4 hours to get through until my mini weekend tomorrow.

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