Friday, February 27, 2009


I am really trying hard to cut down on my spending and shopping. Consumerism is so addictive. Today I returned a lovely red and white shirt dress to Myer and a gorgeous winter skirt to Target. They were both on sale but it's true when they say that just because it's on sale doesn't mean it will really save you money. Especially if it's not a necessity.

I've been email chatting to a good friend over in WA who happened to mention this store. I'm smitten! There are three stores in my state. This could prove to be a very bad thing. I just love lovely storage stores. Especially ones that offer online shopping.


Christine said...

u sure u return those items?

ive been good! i havent been shopping either.

thank God u're so far away.

i think i need a new shopping buddy

xoxo, cv

Le Jit said...

What?! U returned a dress?? That's so sinful of you...