Sunday, February 1, 2009


Speechie and I had talked for ages about doing a mosaics course. We finally bit the bullet and started one in January this year. Initially my excitement over the course was huge but The Engagement has sort of eclipsed all that. Coupled with our crazy heatwave I decided to skip our third class last week. So my guilt over my lack of interest and my missed class motivated me to start my second project this afternoon.
This is how is looks so far:

I know that technically what I've created is not a true mosaic pattern. But I loved the colours and look of those tiles so couldn't resist a simple style.

Below is my first project, the diastrous washed out pale and pasty garden pot:

I have one last class this Wednesday night and I'll be working on a mirror with a 1930's green and black pattern. Pictures to come!

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