Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm determined to stay focussed this Lent. Last night I went to an evening Ash Wednesday Mass with my family, an aunt, one of my cousins and a good family friend. The service was very quick (over in 30 minutes!).

This Lent I'm giving up:



thinking negatively about myself or others

I loved Lent during high school as each home group class would organise a fund-raising event for an overseas charity. There would be sausage sizzles, pancake days, cake stalls and such. A forum that I'm a member of had a thread on Lent, with one member posting that they will be giving something back this Lent. As well as my personal fundraising box that I took from church last night, I want to think of something that I can do for others during Lent.

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Christine said...

hehe u sure u can stay away from swearing? =p

xoxo, CV