Thursday, August 6, 2009

As Aussie as Pavlova

I love pavlova.
It can't be the soft, mushy, marshmallow type.
Or the cheats type that comes from the
abnormally large plastic egg in Coles supermarket.
It has to come from a simple recipe from
The Australian Women's Weekly Cooking Class cookbook.
It requires egg whites from free range hens.
It delivers a crispy, crunchy pavlova with just the tiniest hint of mushiness.

The pavlova below was made for a very good friend
who was visiting from London, Netball Queen.
Netball Queen has spent the last 6 years in London
but maintains one of the best Australian accents I've ever heard.
She'll never lose it.
A strong, Australian accent that can survive 6 years
under the influence of the English deserves a medal, a green and gold medal that is.

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