Friday, August 28, 2009

I like getting new cousins

The majority of my first cousins are either older than me or around my age.
So that meant that there weren't too many baby cousins born after about my third birthday.
Luckily my mother has a brother who is younger than her by nine years.
This uncle and his wife waited to have a family and had their three sons when I was six, ten and twelve.
I remember being more excited about each of 'The Boys' being born than I was about Christmas.
Apart from the birth of my two third cousins when I was nineteen and twenty-four, there have been no new cousins in the family for quite some time.
Thank goodness for weddings!
Over the last 18 months my first cousins have begun to marry their partners and I have so far inherited two new cousins.
Two more will join them before the year is out.
One of my new cousins celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago.
I decided to welcome him into the family by baking him this cake:

Buttercake with chocolate cream cheese icing, raspberry jam filling and licorice allsort decorations.


Kat said...

Those licorice candies are my absolute favorite! Why didn't I ever think to put them on a cake! The chocolate cream cheese frosting looks awesome.

Miss High Heels said...

Hi Kat!
I admit that is was disorganisation that led to me decorating the cake with licorice allsorts but I think I'll repeat it again.

The chocolate cream cheese icing was very tasty.