Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waffles are just as good as Cupcakes

The last year has seen a cupcake explosion of sorts in my little part of Australia. It seems that more and more cupcake shops are opening every week. Since late January I have been visiting different cupcake shops to do a series of posts. Today I was meant to visit the last shop on my review list. Guess who needs to check opening times a little more carefully in future? Luckily a few doors down from the cupcake place is this dessert establishment. So my outing with my sister and my 'adopted sister' wasn't wasted.

They are well known for their chocolate based desserts and drinks but have recently branched out to include light meals. My sensible sisters both ordered rolls seeing as it was lunch time.

Salmon salad roll. It was apparently quite tasty.

Turkey roll which my sources also tell me was kind to the tastebuds.

Signature hot chocolate.

I of course ordered dessert for lunch: soft yet crispy waffles with melted chocolate, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.

With a green tea to balance it all out.


Christine said...

did u go to bracegirdles without me??

Anonymous said...

That hot chocolate looks so good I almost wish it was winter here. Wait....I could crank up the AC until it is 40 degrees in here and make some!