Monday, August 10, 2009

Scandinavia to Horsham

The northern summer of 2005 I spent travelling in Scandinavia and Russia. I choose a tour that took up most of my six weeks of school holidays. I didn't know a single soul on the tour. I need not have worried so much about being a 'billy no mates' as I quickly made friends with six other hilariously funny and similarly minded girls. I was single at the time and a few of my friends back in London would text or email me asking if I'd found the love of my life on tour. I didn't. Instead I found six friends for life. We nicknamed our selves The Erectors which is a story in itself.

Four years on and five of the seven Erectors travelled to Horsham in country Victoria for our second reunion weekend. Here is the food that I sampled over the weekend:

First stop was Coonalpyn Bakery in country South Australia for a fruity Danish. Which was quite appropriate as The Erectors first met in Copenhagen, Denmark. I didn't get round to eating it in the car and it somehow disappeared from our apartment.

Next up was this super sweet mini lemon meringue pie from a tiny town called Kaniva.

It was so sweet that it actually took me two tries to eat it all. Which is pretty rare for me.

Tea on Friday night was some good Aussie nachos from Moe's. Who would have thought there'd be a Mexican restaurant in country Victoria?

I have saved the best for last. My dad is a huge country bakery fan and lives for vanilla slices. My dad and I share both a last name and a massive sweet tooth for baked goods. One of the bakeries in Horsham boasted 'Australia's Best Vanilla Slice'. I was sceptical. I am South Australian and always take the Victorians with a grain of salt. I was sceptical for no reason. These vanilla slices are the best I've ever eaten. I'm not going to gush as there are no words that will do justice to the magnificence of these vanilla slices.

Hands down the Victorians have beaten the South Australians in the vanilla slice stakes. The pasty, custard and icing were all superb.

Thank you girls for a great weekend. We missed you RR and JB!


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