Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Holidays are Here

Well sort of.

A few hours ago I handed up my last assignment for Semester 1.
I knew that going back to study at night and working near on full-time would be stressful.
The last 18 months have certainly been just that.
Especially because I spent the first 7 months working full-time and trying to study.
Sheer Lunacy!
I didn't realise just how hard life would be.
That I would have no time to bake.
That I'd have little or no free time.
That I would have no time to bake.
That I'd stop reading novels.
That I would have no time to bake.
That I'd go cold turkey on the tv addiction.
That I would have no time to bake.
That I wouldn't have time to call my interstate and overseas friends.
That I'd have no time to bake.
I also didn't realise how much I'd learn from this experience, so much more than what I read in my text books or journals.
I've learnt how to handle stress better.
I've learnt to prioritise.
I've learnt how to not worry about the little things that don't need to get done.
I've learnt how to walk away from a bad job.
And I've learnt to appreciate not having a single thing to do!
When I have nothing to do I bake.

This is actually my first ever vanilla sponge cake using the Australian Women's Weekly recipe.
If anyone knows my mother they know that this is her specialty.

I'm hoping that there's something in the genes.
Vanilla sponge cake, filled with cream and raspberries, iced with raspberry icing and decorated with sugar flowers.

P.S. Sadly it's only a holiday from uni...I still have to work and the next 2 and half weeks are going to be crazy busy.

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Christine said...

wheres my cakeeeeeeeeeeee?

this looks yummy