Monday, June 15, 2009

Rockin in the Free World

There is nothing as satisfying as some no-bake baking. Rocky Road was never my favourite as a child but as an adult I've developed quite an affection for it. I love Rocklea Road Easter Eggs. I love Cadbury Rocky Road Chocolate and have been known to eat half a block without even realising it.

Nothing beats home-made Rocky Road though. I initially made it with a recipe that used Copha. But the texture is too sloopy for my liking.

Now I make it using 350 grams of either dark or milk chocolate, some raspberry lollies, unsalted peanuts and white marshmellows that have been cut into quarters. Once I've melted the chocolate I usually add in a cup of each of the add-ins. I like my Rocky Road to be extra chocolatey but you can tweak the measurements to suit your taste buds. This will make about 20 normal sized patty pan cups.

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Christine said...

u devil. thats so delicious ehehe