Sunday, June 7, 2009

I can't take the credit....but I can try.

It's cold in my part of the world at the moment.

For our Southern Hemisphere country and my desert state it is freezing. It has also been raining.

I know we need the rain. For our farmers, for our River Murray and for our rain-water tanks. But it is still cold.

At least all this 'coldness' is a great excuse to bring out the comfort food. I'd love to take credit for the meal and dessert below but they were both created by my father.

It is a firm belief of my father's that every meal should be followed by dessert.

My Italian mother has never adopted this custom on a regular enough basis for my dad's liking.

To resolve this injustice my dad will on occasion take over in the kitchen to create a warming winter dessert.

Sausage and mashed potato with a side of boiled carrots and peas
Boiled vanilla and plum jam pudding

Pudding covered with home made vanilla custard. A seasonal dad specialty for winter.

Yes I get my love of sweet baked goods from my father.

Got to love those Irish genes!

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