Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Inspiration Behind My Baking Is.....

My mother.

She bakes a great cake.
The example below was made by Mum for my auntie's recent birthday

Vanilla sponge cake filled with cream and home-made plum jam. Decorated with whipped cream, almond slivers, grated chocolate and chocolate dipped strawberries

As children my sister and I were spoilt when it came to cakes made by mum.

She made both our communion cakes and our birthday cakes were always chosen from the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book and made beautifully by Mum.

We quite often got to have two birthday cakes. One for our family party and one for our friends/school party.

Of course my sister and I now have an addiction to eating the leftover cake batter.

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Christine said...

mske me some brownies n cakes!!!!

xoxo cv