Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christmas in July

I've been experimenting with White Christmas recipes for Robin from Cookie-Exchange. She has a book deal and would like to include some Australian Christmas treats.
I immediately thought of White Christmas, of which any Australian Christmas table is naked without.
One small problem though. You can't buy Copha in North America. It seems to only be available in Australia.
So I made two version of White Christmas, one using Copha and another using a Copha substitute consisting of Crisco and coconut cream.

I must admit that I loved the non-Copha version. Copha wasn't the only thing I substituted. I left out the coconut (of which I'm not a huge fan) and added in marshmallows, extra rice bubbles and dried cranberries.

As much as I love my traditional White Christmas it is nice to have another version up my sleeve.

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