Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rain means mud pies

In my childhood it certainly did. My sister and I enjoyed nothing more than heading outside with our two cousins to make mud pies after a good downpour.
I remember how we would carefully line up the 'pies' along the edge of our sandpit. We'd sprinkle golden sand onto the 'drying pies' as a decoration. Sometimes we'd get extra creative and put leaves or twigs on top of the mud pies.
It has been raining here.
A lot.
Which is fantastic because we need the rain desperately in this desert state of Australia.
It has left me wondering. Now that I'm an adult, why should I miss out on the rain bringing me some mud pies?
So I decided to bake a Mississippi Mud Pie. The recipe is from here.
I wanted to make my own pastry so I went with the first recipe. The recipe was great except for the fact that in the filling it did not list butter as an ingredient but made mention of melting butter when giving the directions for preparing the filling. That will teach me for not reading through a recipe properly before I commence my baking! So I decided to just add in 100 grams of butter and hope for the best. It worked a treat.
This pie is a slice of heaven.
I compared it to eating the sauce from a chocolate pudding that has gone cold and set.
Super chocolatey and super sugary.
The hint of extra sweetness that comes from the golden syrup (which I substituted for the corn syrup) gives it that extra little kick. Mmmm. The pastry is pretty tough to cut through though. Perhaps I need better knives.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that looks amazing--I can tell we shave a bit of chocolate insanity...

Sometimes when the pastry seems tough I think it is because it is too thick.

Sadako said...

Mmmm those pics are making me so hungry.

Christine said...

itsssssssssss nice B!

when are u baking me 1?

Miss High Heels said...

John, I think you're right. The pastry was too thick. I think I also added too much flour when rolling it. Better luck next time!

C, when you come back!