Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food markets are better than the stock market

While living in London in 2005 I kept hearing other teachers at school talk about Borough Market. For some reason I never found the time to visit this market in London's south. Thankfully I was able to rectiffy this lapse of judgement when I returned to live in London again in 2007.

Apart from my mother, my nonna, one of my aunties and my future nanna-in-law, there are not many people I consider to be naturally fabulous at cooking both sweet and savoury food. I have one stand out friend though who I consider to be not only a fabulous cook but a food role model too: the lovely Netball Queen, who is one of my Erector Sisters. So it was appropriate that she was there on my first (but not last!) tour of Borough Market.
I'm not commenting on the photos as I think they speak for themselves......

Sadly I only managed to eat half this slice of cake. How I'd love to finish off that slice now though.


K said...

What kind of cake is that?

I would have had the raspberry and white choc cheesecake which looks so awesome.

I shall be telling my London buds to go forth, purchase, eat and report back :)

Miss High Heels said...

Hi K.
I think from memory it was a tiramisu cake.
Make sure your friends visit Borough Market, they won't be disappointed.