Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fresh biscuits...straight from the fridge

This recipe was one of the very first 'blog' recipes that I tried to bake back in early 2008. I found it from this blog and I was fascinated by the concept of setting a biscuit mix in the fridge before proceeding to the baking stage.

These biscuits are rich in chocolate goodness but not too sickly sweet. Which means you can stuff as many of them into your stomach as will fit. A very dangerous situation for a biscuit obssessive like myself.
Next time I make them I'm going to roll the uncooked biscuit mixture in silver balls.


Anonymous said...

How many fit in your stomach? Be honest ;-)

Miss High Heels said...

Far too many to admit to!

Anonymous said...

Those look amazing! I'm looking for some recipes to add for my Christmas cookie baking extraveganza - I'll have to check this out!