Monday, July 13, 2009

Why wasn’t 25 March 2008 eventful?

Before finding my 2008 diary
Without digging through my belongings to find my 2008 diary I have no way of knowing what joys, stresses or thoughts were my life on the 25 March 2008. I can make a few random guesses though:

I was unhappy with my job
I was studying
I was looking for a new job
I was stressed about studying
I was stressed about looking for a new job

I am a big stress-head. I also have the tendency to over think things. My DNA is comprised of worry genes, panic merchant genes and ‘but what if this happens’ genes. I am 100% sure that there would have been many things that I was worried about on 25 March 2008. The simple fact that twelve months later I can’t clearly remember the specifics of any of these worries is proof that I need to work on de-stressing myself and managing what life throws at me without a drama.

After finding and reading my 2008 diary
The entry for 25 March 2008 shows that my first uni assignment was due that day.

My first uni assignment for 2008 caused me great stress at the time. Interesting how over twelve months later I have no recollection (without prompt) of the stress I would have put myself under that week. This realisation demonstrates that the daily issues that cause me great stress, that make me snap at my nearest and dearest, that aggravate me, that inflame my insomnia, that form knots in my stomach need not be so debilitating.

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