Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A tart with heart

My first trip outside of England in 2004 was to Paris.
For Valentine's Day.

Anyone who knows the future Mr High Heeled-Backpack would laugh at the idea of him and such a romantic gesture.
To be honest, neither of us are at all soppy romantics.
The timing of the trip owes more to the English school year.
Valentine's Day in the UK tends to coincide with the first half term break of the year.
So we took the opportunity to head to Paris.
I'm so glad we did or else I may never have had the chance to eat strawberry tart featured below:

How fabulous is this little box? It makes my heart melt with happiness.

I love that the tart is so stuffed with strawberries and glaze that it is almost too big for the box. You can see where the top of the box is meeting the strawberries.

Look at that gorgeous pastry and shiny glaze. How could you not give your heart to this tart on Valentine's Day?

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Megan said...

That looks great! I bet it was delicious! (No need to wait for Valentine's Day for one of those)